DeLTA Center Workshop - "Coding, Sharing, & Reusing Video Data with Databrary and Datavyu"

DeLTA Center Workshop - "Coding, Sharing, & Reusing Video Data with Databrary and Datavyu"
Friday, February 3, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Pappajohn Business Building

Join us for a free workshop organized by Databrary-Datavyu on Friday, February 3, 2017. Space is limited, so please register today.


Video captures much of the richness and complexity of children’s behavior. With the right tools, video coding can be easy, efficient, and enlightening. Databrary and Datavyu were created in an open science framework to manage and mine developmental video data across a variety of domains—language, gesture, social interactions, emotions, motor behaviors, and more, with the mission of increasing transparency in scientific research and accelerating the pace of discovery in developmental science.

This free workshop will give researchers—from faculty to students:

  • Training in how Databrary and Datavyu can simplify video-based research
  • A policy framework to share identifiable video data and addresses concerns about participants’ privacy
  • Help in amending IRB protocols and requesting participants’ permission to share videos
  • Instruction on how to use Databrary to manage ongoing studies and to monitor progress in data collection and coding
  • Concrete examples of the benefits of open science and video reuse


The Databrary project ( provides the software, infrastructure, and ethical policies to enable online hosting, sharing, and reusing of developmental video data. Databrary is building a digital library of developmental video data, and provides online data management tools that allow researchers to manage, store, explore, and reuse raw video data, excerpts, and other research materials. With Databrary, researchers can reuse videos to conduct new studies or grow their samples, use shared video excerpts for teaching, verify coding rules, see procedures and methods, and find inspiration for future work.


Datavyu ( offers a free, cross-platform, open source coding system for video data that is fully customizable and allows visualization of behavior over time. Users can synchronize videos, score behavior, and run Ruby scripts to automate data extraction.