Outreach and Engagement Grants Call for Proposals

Sep 08, 2017

The DeLTA Center is inviting all members to submit proposals for funding public outreach and engagement activities.   We are looking to support groups of faculty and students who want to do innovative outreach and public engagement activities to further our mission of engaging the public in the science of development.

Activities can be of any form including single events, ongoing activities or other ways to reach the public.  DeLTA is seeking to fund traditional public outreach events (public lectures or symposia, networking events, activities for children), science education events, service learning and other sorts of activities.  Activities can focus on the general public, or targeted groups such as practitioners or parents.  DeLTA particularly encourages civic science activities, in which the general public and practitioners contribute to and shape the scientific research, as well as activities that blend with research goals.

Activities can be conducted by small groups of faculty and/or students, or could be DeLTA wide events.  At least one faculty member must be a DeLTA member.  Partnerships with other community groups or university units is encouraged.

Up to $4000 is available for each funded activity and multiple projects may be funded.  Some administrative support is available for the proposed activity.  Proposal review will begin on 10/1, proposal arriving later will be considered as long as funding is available.

Proposal instructions

To apply, please submit a 1-2 page proposal which includes:

  • Name of the project coordinator.
  • Other faculty and students involved.
  • A description of the event.
  • How this event contributes to the DeLTA Center Mission and the faculty and students who participate.

How the event will benefit the public.